Chase Hatmaker (he/him/his)

Chase Hatmaker (he/him/his)

Pianist in Knoxville

Chase Hatmaker is a Maryville-based collaborative pianist specializing in vocal and choral music.

Chase began his career as a collaborative pianist following his graduation from Maryville College (2014) when he was invited to accept the position of accompanist for their concert choir. Through his employment at Maryville College he has had the privilege of performing and collaborating with a wide variety of musicians—members of The King's Singers, The American Spiritual Ensemble, VOCES8, and many local ensembles and performers. Chase regularly performs with the Maryville College Concert Choir both locally and abroad as part of their annual choir tour, which visits locations across the Eastern United States and Scotland. He also serves as pianist for various on-campus events, including student recitals, musicals, and other college functions such as their baccalaureate services and graduation ceremonies.

Beyond Maryville College, Chase enjoys collaborating and performing with local high school choirs. He is the staff pianist for Alcoa High School, and has performed with choirs at Karns, Farragut, Campbell County, Jefferson County, Maryville, L&N STEM Academy, and others. He has had the additional pleasure of working with the theatre programs at many of these schools, through which he has been steadily growing his repertoire and love of all things musical theatre.

Chase is a devotee of the Taubman Approach to piano technique. Its founder, Dorothy Taubman, taught that playing the piano should "feel delicious" and emphasized avoiding tension and discomfort in practice and performance. Through his studies of the approach with Maryville College professor emeritus and Taubman instructor Dr. Robert Bonham and participation in the Piano Wellness Seminar (University of North Texas), he has found the ability to access pieces of music that would have previously been unobtainable.

Chase has had the pleasure of joining the Appalachian Equality Chorus as an orchestra member for several of their previous concerts, and so was thrilled to accept the position of their Knoxville location's primary pianist at the beginning of their 2021-2022 season. The Chorus has always been a group he has especially loved to perform with, so it has been a true joy to begin working with them on a regular basis. He looks forward to many more concerts together with them and hopes to help further spread their message of inclusion, equality, and empathy.